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Analisis Literario Del Poema Bordas De Hielo De Cesar Vallejo

pdf) Abstract The philosophical topic addressed by this paper is that of metaphor. Metaphor is what enables the statement of a symbolic transformation between two semiotic terms. The most significant metaphor in the lyric of Cesar Vallejo is the one to which I have given the title "Vallejo-the-metaphor." I have briefly analyzed the theoretical paradigms and the literary texts where the two following terms are transformed by this metaphor. The concepts of the birth of the metaphor, and the birth of the poem are central to the literary text and to the work done by Vallejo. The idea of the metafiction is also central to the work of the author. Metaphor is the means by which we can think, and the processes of the thought that are carried out when we think metaphorically are of great interest to the author. The poet adopts a fictional position from which he or she can study the world that is presented to him or her by these thoughts, and at the same time the poet can seek out the thoughts he or she has that connect him or her to the world. I have also discussed the idea of the metafictional in the work of Vallejo, as a means to show what a poet can accomplish by putting himself or herself in a fictional position. By doing this, I would argue that the work is a means to reflect the world of the poet, and it enables the reader to understand the text. Keywords: Cesar Vallejo, poetry, metaphor, metafiction, romanticism, realism, romanticism, realisticism, modernism, and the twentieth century. The general topic of this paper is the idea of metaphor, which I define as the transformation between semiotic terms (see Table 1). Metaphor is the semiotic relationship between the real and the symbolic or imaginary; the "real" and "symbolic" terms in the table should be understood as real and symbolic terms. The transformation can occur in the realm of the imaginary or the symbolic. There are two aspects to the metaphor, the first is that the metaphor brings about a transformation from one point of view to another point of view, and the second aspect is the production of a change in reality. Table 1: Semiotic terms Semiotic dimensions Real to imaginary Symbolic to symbolic Imaginary to symbolic Transformation Transformation Transformation Real to symbolic Imaginary to symbolic Transformation Real to imaginary Symbolic to imaginary Transformation Imaginary to symbolic Transformation Reality Semiotic Realistic Semiotic Romantic Realist Romantic Romantic Real

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